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Youth Accounts

Wham! Bam! Pow!

This youth account is sure to wow!

It’s saving time! ēCO prioritizes financial education and saving for all generations, and we feel it’s never too early to start! Our youth accounts are designed to help kids and teens save in a responsible and fun way, while also earning some super sweet perks.

Saving Stars Account

ēCO’s Saving Stars Account is available to teach your kids the meaning behind “with great power comes great responsibility”; thanks, Spiderman.

The power of financial responsibility lies within our youth, so we are asking kids from birth to age eighteen to assemble! “We have the power” to stop the forces of debt, overspending, over-borrowing, and all other financial irresponsibility. Together, we can make the world more financially responsible, one kid at a time!

The Saving Stars account is designed to meet the needs of your children as they grow. The savings account earns competitive dividends, while teaching kids the importance of saving for the future.

The details:

  • Age: Birth-18
  • Minimum Balance: $0
  • No Monthly Fee
  • Eligible for ēCO’s Education Incentive
  • To reward savings, the first $1,000* in the Saving Stars Account will earn 2%.
  • Dividends are paid on a quarterly basis and are calculated by the daily balance method.
  • In an effort to grow with your teen, they are eligible to apply for a Checking Stars account with a debit card when you feel they’re ready.
  • As a Saving Stars Account holder, your teen will receive a .25% discount on auto loans at 16.
  • Access to other products and services as they get older.

Education Incentive

We don’t stop at quality Club Savings Accounts—we also provide a special education incentive to encourage and reward good grades. When a Savings Star Account holder brings in his or her all A and B report card, we deposit $5 in their savings account!

Report cards can be brought to any ēCO branch each nine weeks—giving the account holder the opportunity to earn up to $20 per year.

View Rates

*Balances over $1,000 will earn dividends according to ēCO’s Basic Share Tier Rate.