Online Services

At ēCO, we know convenience is important for our members. In an effort to make our products and services even more convenient, ēCO offers a variety of ē-Services.

ēCO Virtual Branch

ēCO Virtual Branch features the latest technology to help make managing your account even easier.

To set-up the ēCO Virtual Branch:

  • Click the “Enroll” button.
  • You must have a PIN.
    • If you already have an audio PIN, enter it now.
    • If you do not have an audio PIN, please call ēCO or stop by your favorite branch.
  • Next, enter the requested information.
  • After the correct information is submitted, you will be asked to set-up a Logon ID, Security Code, and enter your email address.
  • You will receive an enrollment confirmation upon a successful enrollment.
    • When you log-in for the first time, you will be asked to set-up a security phrase and create three challenge questions. These measures are in place to help provide additional security for your account information.

For questions about Virtual Branch, please call: 866-964-0723.

Through ēCO’s Virtual Branch, you also have access to e-Statements, Secure Messaging and ēCO Bill Pay.


 e-Statements allow you to conveniently access your monthly statement, while saving paper and time. e-Statements are stored in Virtual Branch for up to 24 months.

  • To set-up e-Statements:
    • Select the Self Service tab.
    • Follow prompts.

Secure Messaging

Once you’re logged into ēCO Online Banking, you can communicate with ēCO securely using the messaging option. Under Options, select the Messages button. The Message option sends a direct message to ēCO. Because the message is secure, you can include your personal information or account information without any concern. Messages are monitored by ēCO’s staff and answered in a timely manner.

ēCO Bill Pay

Whether you want to make a single payment or set-up a recurring payment, ēCO Bill Pay simplifies the process.

Sign up now by logging into your ēCO Virtual Branch and selecting the Bill Payment tab. Online Bill Pay is free when you use e-Statements. You must have a Share Draft (checking account) with ēCO for Online Bill Pay services

ēCO Mobile

The ēCO Mobile App is available for download. Your ēCO Credit Union app offers you the most effective tool yet for managing your finances, while saving time, miles and money.

If you’re new to mobile banking, welcome to an easy way to get the most from your ēCO Credit Union accounts. Getting started is easy.

To set-up ēCO Mobile:

  1. Download our app by searching for ēCO Credit Union at:
    Available on iTunesGet it on Google Play
  2. Once downloaded, open and select Enroll Here.
  3. Next, click Start Enrollment, and then, Accept Terms.
  4. Fill in your information, and click Continue.
  5. Enter additional information, and click Next: Validate Account.
  6. Create a Username and password, and then, select security questions.
  7. Finally, verify two small deposits made to your account, and select Complete.

Add our app to your phone or tablet, and you’ll be able to:

  • Get a comprehensive view of your ēCO Credit Union accounts
  • Make account-to-account transfers
  • Check account history
  • Transfer money and pay anyone instantly with real-time person-to-person payments
  • Deposit checks through Remote Deposit Capture
  • View nearby CO-OP Shared Branches and ATMs

Remote Deposit Capture

At ēCO, we value you, our members, and are always looking for ways to improve the products and services that make your life easier. We are excited to share that Remote Deposit Capture is available to members through ēCO’s Mobile App! That’s right, you can deposit a check into your ēCO account from the convenience of your home, at your favorite coffee shop down the street, or even, while you are on vacation.

Please note:

  • Member must be enrolled in ēCO Online to access RDC.
  • A standard 2-day hold will be placed on all checks. Extra time may apply.
  • Checks should be endorsed with the payee name, account number, and “ēCO Mobile Deposit.” If the check does not have proper endorsements, it will be rejected.
  • If a check is rejected, you will be notified via the email address on file for your account.
  • We do not accept foreign or third-party checks.
  • There is no fee to use Remote Deposit Capture.
  • ēCO Credit Union reserves the right to deny, suspend, or revoke Remote Deposit Capture access without prior notice.

P2P and Remote Deposit Capture Limits


  • Amount Limit:
    • Calendar Day Limit (24-hour rolling period) – $1500
    • 7-Day Limit (7-day period beginning with the first transaction) – $3000
    • 30-Day Limit (30-day period beginning with the first transaction -) $5000
  • Frequency Limit:
    • Calendar Day Limit (24-hour rolling period) – None
    • 7-Day Limit (7-day period beginning with the first transaction) – None
    • 30-Day Limit (30-day period beginning with the first transaction -) 10


  • Amount Limit:
    • Calendar Day Limit (beginning at 2 am) – $1500
    • 7-Day Limit (last 7 consecutive calendar days beginning at 2 am) – $5000
    • 30-Day Limit (last 30 consecutive calendar days beginning at 2 am -) $10,000
  • Transaction Limit:
    • Calendar Day Limit (beginning at 2 am) – Unlimited
    • 7-Day Limit (last 7 consecutive calendar days beginning at 2 am) – Unlimited
    • 30-Day Limit (last 30 consecutive calendar days beginning at 2 am -) Unlimited

Voice Response

Voice Response is an automated system that allows you to access your account balances and make transfers by phone.

To get started:

  1. Call (205)250-6141.
  2. Enter your Account Number.
  3. Enter your PIN.
  4. Follow the prompts to access your account information.

If you need additional assistance, please call (205) 226-3900.