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Fee Schedule

Statement of Fees and Charges
History Printout $2.00
Account Reinstatement $15.00
Research and Balancing Per Hour $25.00
Account Statement Copy $5.00
Nonsufficient Funds $34.00
Stop Payment $34.00
Savings Transfer to Pay Check $5.00
Photocopy of Check-by Employee $5.00
Return Mail Fee $10.00
Bill Payment ($4.95 w/o e-Statements) Free
Counter Checks on Existing Account $0.50
Official Check Payable to Self Free
Official Check Payable to Third Party $3.00
Stop Payment on an Official Check $34.00
Deposited Item Returned on Self $34.00
Deposited Item Returned-Other $25.00
Dormant Account Fee Monthly $10.00
Money Order $3.00
VISA Debit Card Replacement $7.00
VISA Credit Card Replacement $15.00
VISA Sales Draft Copy $5.00
VISA Statement Copy $5.00
Loan Payment by Credit/Debit Card $9.95
Christmas Club Early Withdrawal Fee $10.00
Early Membership Closure (<6 Months) $25.00
Escheatment, Levies and Garnishments $50.00
Domestic Wires $15.00
ACH Revocation/Stop Payment $34.00
Excessive Share Withdrawals (>3/Month) $2.00
Non-Member Check Cashing $5.00
Non-Member Transaction Fee $5.00
Paper Statement (Accts opened after January 2015- Monthly) $2.00
Share Branch Official Check $10.00