eCO Credit Union has a loan to fit every need as well as every budget. Whether you’re planning a vacation, in the market for a new car or building a larger house, we have the lowest rates and competitive terms available. Plus, all our loans are available at simple interest, which is the most economical way to pay. Compare our rates to other financial institutions and you’ll see the credit union difference.


Share Secured
This type of loan allows you to borrow at eCO’s lowest rates by using your credit union savings as collateral. You’ll also receive liberal repayment terms.

Signature Loan
This is also known as a personal loan because you can use it for whatever you want. Signature loans are used to pay bills, purchase gifts or a vacation, or to get you through a squeeze in your budget. eCO can pre-approve your credit limit for easy access. Loan limits are based on your credit history, income and current obligations.

Line of Credit Loans 
This loan provides a pre-approved loan limit, which can be drawn on at anytime by phone, voice response or in person.
Overdraft Protection Loans cannot be advanced by phone, online, voice response or in person.

New and Used Autos
These loans are our specialty! We offer extended terms and affordable rates. The credit union also offers convenient pre-approvals so you can deal with the dealers on a “cash” basis. If you are thinking about a new or used car, contact or visit the credit union and we’ll take care of the rest. Driving a new set of wheels will seem effortless!

Mortgage Loans
Whether you need a first or second mortgage, home equity or home improvement loan, you need to talk to your credit union first. eCO offers a wide range of real estate loans that will help you purchase your dream home, spruce up your current home or refinance. Our closing costs are low and repayment terms are convenient. Contact an eCO loan officer today.

A loan designed just for our members between the ages of 19-29. The maximum loan amount in $1,000, and the rate is 10.75% with terms up to 12 months. Haven’t established credit yet? The FORWARD>>> Loan is a great place to start!

Other Types of Loans
eCO Credit Union also offers loans on boats, recreational vehicles, new furniture, home computers and more…Talk to a loan officer for a payment quote.

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