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Hello, Summer Freedom: 2024 Summer Skip-a-Pay


Ready to give yourself a little financial break this summer? Look no further than our Summer Skip-A-Pay. With Skip-A-Pay, you have the opportunity to skip one month’s loan payment in June, July, or August. It is like a refreshing splash of financial relief! 

Here’s How It Works:

  • Fill out this form
  • Return the completed form to any ēCO Credit Union branch
  • or mail it to us at P.O. Box 2385, Birmingham, AL 35201
  • Include a $34 check for processing, or simply select the appropriate box to have it deducted from your ēCO account.

If your payment is made through payroll deduction, we will deposit it into your savings account, instead of applying it to your loan. Please note- mortgage loans, credit cards, and home equity lines of credit are not eligible for the Skip-a-Pay program.

Why Skip-A-Pay?

  • Take a break – Take a month off from your loan payment and relax a little more this summer
  • Stay in Control – You decide which month to skip. We’re all about flexibility that suits you!
  • Keep the Fun – Less time worry about bills means more time enjoying every second of sun!

Ready to kick back and make the most of your summer? Take advantage of the many perks that come with financing your loan with ēCO Credit Union and give yourself a little extra wiggle room in your summer budget with Summer Skip-A-Pay!


*Deferment of this payment may cause an increase in the final payment on your loan. Certain loan types may be excluded and all extensions will be subject to credit union approval. By signing, you and any cosigner authorize the credit union to advance the due date on the loan(s) specified by one month. Interest will continue to accrue on the balance of the loan from the last payment date. Loans must be current to qualify. All other terms and conditions of the loan(s) will remain. Loans excluded from this offer are VISA, real estate, single pay loans or lines of credit, including credit cards. GAP insurance may not apply to the extended loan term. If paying a $34 fee through a transfer from a share or share draft account, funds must be available over any minimum balance requirement to cover the fee at the time this form is processed. The primary and all joint/co-signing members/owners must sign the request form to skip the loan(s). Subject to credit union terms and conditions, may be changed without prior notification.

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