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Get the Most from Your eCO Accounts


At ēCO Credit Union, we consistently think about you—our member. We want to provide products and services that meet your needs and simplify your financial life. As technology changes and adapts, we adapt with it.

Starting now, you can download the new ēCO Mobile App. It’s simple.

  1. Make sure you have an ēCO Virtual Branch log-in set up. If you don’t, go here for step by step instructions.
  2. Search “ēCO Credit Union” in your phone’s App Store or follow the links below. Click Download or Install. 
    Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play
  3. Once downloaded, open the App and log-in using your ēCO Virtual Branch log-in information. 

After you log-in, you will see a list of your accounts. The bottom menu allows you to navigate between Accounts, Transfer & Pay, Deposit, and More.

We hope you love the new ēCO Mobile App as much as we do. It offers better integration and support with ēCO’s system, while providing the same services you value.

Each week in November and December, we will be rewarding a member for using ēCO’s Mobile App. We will select one member to receive $50! To enter, send a screenshot of the app on your phone with your full name to Remember, do not send emails that include your account number or personal account information.

Please note—ēCO’s old Mobile App will no longer work on November 1. Don’t delay, go ahead and download the new ēCO Mobile App today.


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eCO Credot Union

Hi Brooklyn,

Great! That means you already have the latest eCO Credit Union Mobile App. Let us know if you have any questions.

11/4/2019 9:32:13 AM

Brooklyn hutchings

This shortcut takes me to the same app we already have. And when i go to google play, there is only one eco app when i search it and i already have that one
10/30/2019 10:17:27 AM

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