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Meet Your Match with eCO Credit Union's Balance Transfer


Decision making in the age of the Internet is a strange paradox: we have more options than ever, but because we have so many options—plenty of which are less than satisfactory—it’s hard to actually choose, especially given how quickly and easily misinformation can be spread on the ol’ World Wide Web. Sometimes you don’t even know what to look out for! With so many factors at play, big decisions with long-term outcomes, like finding the right credit card, can turn into a terrifying trial. 

So, instead, let’s look at it through the lens of something that’s perhaps a little more palatable. Dating apps, for instance. Download one, and you can spend hours swiping away to your heart’s content...or at least until you hit the daily limit. But while it’s fun to window shop for people from the palm of your hand, it won’t take too many flicks of the finger to see that just because there are lots of options doesn’t mean there are lots of good options, and what you see isn’t always what you get. A closer look at three matches to show you what we mean:

The one who’s not really single

Match Number One has a megawatt smile, which lights up in a photo with his dog. Both are sporting your fave football team’s colors. He’s employed, and there’s nary a dumb copy-paste line or sitcom reference in his bio. Second pic shows him in a tux and could put 007 to shame. But what’s that? You zoom in on the crook of his arm, where nestles a well-manicured hand, the attached, presumably female body conveniently cropped out.

“It’s probably just a friend/his mom/his sister,” you think as you swipe right. “Stop being so paranoid!”

You start chatting, swapping anecdotes about your days, the weather, favorite restaurants. He’s interesting and makes you feel at ease, so you give him your number. When it’s time to finally meet in person, though, he’s hard to nail down. Always busy when you’re free or wants to meet up at odd hours. You turn to the best ally of anyone dating in the twenty-first century, the World Wide Web, for some sly sleuthing, and, by way of his college roommate’s ex-girlfriend’s Instagram, you discover that not only is he married, that’s not even his dog!

Banks, credit card companies and other financial institutions are notorious for using similar tactics: they lure you in with a deal that seems too good to be true, only for you to discover fees hidden, often in the teeniest, tiniest type imaginable, that significantly impact your bottom line. With  ēCO Credit Union’s Credit Card Balance Promotion, you don’t have to worry about the fine print or hidden fees--what you see (without having to zoom) is what you get. 

The one who looks nothing like his profile pic

Match Number Two gives off big Paul Bunyan energy. He’s into hiking, biking, and “anything outdoors,” which is further evidenced by the abundance of pics of his bearded grin in front of breathtaking vistas. After chatting for a few days (and an intensive Internet investigation to insure his eligibility), the two of you decide to meet up for coffee and trail talk. You arrive to the cafe and look around, but your lumberjack is nowhere to be seen. Before you can pull out your phone to message him, you hear someone calling your name, and you look up, excited to lay eyes on your new love interest. Only…instead of Paul Bunyan, he’s channeling Santa Claus, right down to the white beard and red sweater. Turns out, that wasn’t a grainy filter, his photos were just old!

People might not always look the same, but interest rates can. At least, they do at ēCO Credit Union, where you can transfer your balance at just 4.99% APR for the lifetime of the balance! That means your interest rates will never grow go up. What you see, is what you get (thank goodness!).

The one who always makes you pay for dinner

Match Number Three’s puppy-dog eyes have your heart swooning as you swipe right. He’s playful and keeps you laughing. When you meet up with him for a stroll around the park, he looks like his pictures, and he’s proven to be single—low bar, but promising prospect after the last two mishaps. The two of you walk, simultaneously hitting it off and working up an appetite, so you decide to extend the date to dinner. And it’s perfect, instantly comfortable enough to share apps and entrees alike. It seems like you order the whole menu, a theory confirmed by a quick peek at the bill. As a modern day woman, you offer to split the bill, but he insists upon paying, only to realize he left his wallet at home. No matter! You don’t mind footing the bill for the evening, especially since he offers to treat you tomorrow night...until you’re stuck with the check once again. And again. Until you finally wise up and stop taking his calls or responding to his texts.

Like our “forgetful” friend, some credit card offers will charge you ridiculous fees essentially just for living your life, thanks to their astronomical APRs. Not the case with the ēCO Credit Union Balance Transfer Program! In fact, you can count eCO’s APR on one hand—it’s just 4.99%!

It can be emotionally traumatizing to find out your hottie’s a husband, your heartthrob is history, or your honey ain’t got money. The repercussions of a bad fit for credit card, though, reaches much further. Don’t end up with the wrong match. Swipe right for the ēCO Credit Union Balance Transfer Program today!

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