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2023 Balance Transfer Promotion


Are you tired of paying high-interest rates on your credit card balances? Do you have too many payments from too many different places to keep up with? Maybe you overdid it with your shopping because of all the Black Friday deals? Perhaps there is just too much going on, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and nervous about missing a payment.

These days, it is so easy to get wrapped up in life while trying to balance your debts and all those minimum payments. On top of that, there are so many complicated terms and conditions, fine prints, high interest rates, and different due dates.

If only there was the perfect gift that gave you a way to combine all your debts at a lower interest rate. This holiday season, give yourself the gift of consolidation and consider ēCO’s Balance Transfer promotion!

Since 2016, ēCO’s Credit Card Balance Transfer promotion has helped members consolidate and pay off debt at a lower interest rate, with no hidden fees and less headaches. Now through February 23, transfer your debt to an ēCO Credit Union VISA Credit Card at 6.25% APR for the life of the balance transfer.

Whether you are looking to pay off debt sooner, free up cash quicker, or just want things to be less complicated, at ēCO Credit Union we want to be your financial partner and help you along your financial journey.

Simple terms. No sneaky fine print with less interest, less due dates, and less headaches! Give yourself the gift of ēCO’s Balance Transfer!

Ready to get started? Apply online now or visit one of ēCO’s branches. 

Subject to Credit Approval. APR – Annual Percentage Rate. Current eCO Loans or Credit Cards NOT ELIGIBLE. NO Balance Transfer Fee.

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