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Credit Card Website Changes


We are pleased to share we will be launching a new, easy-to-navigate application for accessing your credit card information. Designed to optimize your experience, the new solution provides a modern interface and can be used with any mobile device, including smart phones and tablets.

Features include:

• Card Activation / Request Card Replacement

• Change PIN

• Create PIN

To ensure a seamless transition, you will not be able to access your credit card information starting Thursday night, April 19th, until early Monday, April 24th. Please plan accordingly.

In just a few days you can expect to see new screens when logging in to access your credit card information. Logging in when the system comes back up is simple – just use your current username and password at the new site. If you happen to go to the old site – don’t worry! You will be redirected to the new login page. Here is a preview of what your log-in screen will look like:  

Please note, if you have the current website bookmarked, or favorited, make sure to update to the new site. 

On our new Credit Card system, the account number cannot be the same as the card number so any member who had those numbers matching had the account number change as part of the migration.

If you receive an alert from Transunion or Equifax about a new account opening, it may be due to your account number  being renumbered for the credit bureaus.  You can verify by checking your account.

Until all bureaus have the first new system file loaded you will see both the old Credit Card account number and new Credit Card account number on credit reports.

Credit Card numbers did NOT change.

For any questions regarding your account, or the log in process, please call us at 205-226-3900 or email us at





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