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Jefferson County Board of Education Appreciation 2022


Did you know ēCO Credit Union used to be named Jefferson County Teachers Credit Union? ēCO was founded to serve Jefferson County educators. We changed our name in 2008 to reflect we are open to the community, but our commitment to schools and teachers hasn’t changed. We deliver 1,000 #2 pencils to every school in Jefferson County each year. We provide academic calendars for teachers and school staff. We also work closely with the school system to make setting up direct deposit and payroll deduction quick and easy.

We are so thankful to serve employees of the Jefferson County Board of Education through our branch inside the Jefferson County Board. As they prepared for the upcoming school year, we invited them to enjoy a sweet treat from our friends at Steel City Pops. We also shared promo items and gave two opportunities to win a VISA® Gift Card.

Thank you, educators, faculty, and staff of Jefferson County Schools! We appreciate your hard work and dedication, especially during a school year filled with so much uncertainty. You make a difference and an important investment in the future of our community! We are honored to be able to support you and show our appreciation.

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