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My Why- Nicole


ēCO is proud to raise money for Children’s of Alabama. Over the last ten years, we have raised over $350,000 to support the only free-standing hospital in the state of Alabama dedicated solely to the care of children. We only have a few days left in our 2020 Change for Children’s fundraiser and have already raised more than $40,000, including the Co-Op Miracle Match.

Nicole is a Member Service Representative at ēCO’s Alabaster branch. Since the fundraiser kicked off in September, she has raised over $600 to support Children’s of Alabama. She has a special reason for fundraising for Children’s of Alabama. 

Nicole’s son, Lee, was born with three congenital heart defects. Lee’s first visit to Children’s was at six days old and continued to visit every week for three months. He had to have open-heart surgery to repair his heart defects on October 23, 2014, at only three months old.

When asked about the care they received at Children’s, Nicole said, “they held our hands every step of the way and reassured us that our tiny, baby boy was going to be okay and taken care of. The nurses at Children’s go above and beyond for their patients; they love, care, and treat them as if they are their own.”

Lee is now a happy six-year-old boy. He goes to school and enjoys doing all of the normal things a child his age does without any restrictions. He enjoys being outside, playing with his cat named Tango, anything Disney related, and everything to do with trains. Lee tells his mom, Nicole, that he wants to be an engineer when he grows up! 

Nicole says “the care provided by Children’s has extended far beyond Lee’s surgery in 2014.  We have also been able to attend developmental clinics, which opened doors for additional services where we were able to get Lee’s autism diagnosis. They continue to provide therapy, care, and support for Lee and our family. If it wasn’t for the care Children’s has provided, I am not sure my son would be as far along as he is today”.

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